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Know our process, and keep up-to-date with notifications.

Our Process
for game cancellations

Wallsend Touch will refrain from calling off games for as long as possible. There is no set time that games may be cancelled, however we will always do our best to give teams as much notice as possible.

Where is the decision advertised?

When games are called off, we will publish a public post on Facebook and Instagram for all to see. Our Competition Supervisors will also attempt to advise all team managers, so that they can then advise team members of any cancellations.

Visit our social media sites to stay informed with weather updates, and potential game cancellations.

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What to do if unsure?

For Team Managers > if in doubt re: game changes/cancellations, please contact your respective Competition Supervisor.

For Players/Parents > please liaise with your Team Manager. Please avoid contacting club officials, as we we will always liaise directly with Team Managers.


Our Rules


Hot Weather

In hot weather (31-35°c), Play/ Competition may be interrupted at 10 minute intervals for a period of 2-5 minutes during which time rest, drinks/ cooling techniques & facilities can be used by all officials and players involved. In extreme heat (+36°c), play/competition may be postponed or suspended.


Wet Weather

Games will continue during rain periods if it is safe to do so.

In the event of a storm, the weather will be assessed and games will be halted if lightning becomes visible. WTA management will monitor the weather during
this time and make any decision required to ensure the safety of players, coaches, managers and officials. WTA committee reserves the right to organise the affected games in whatever format will assist the games to occur in as equal conditions as possible.


Air Quality

Bushfire smoke can pose a health risk to athletes. Athletes involved in high performance sport can be at a higher risk while performing high intensity prolonged exercise outdoors and additional caution should be taken. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is an accepted means of quantifying air quality by public health authorities encompassing:
· Air pollution levels at your nearest monitoring site or region
· The common contributing pollutants
· The overall health risk associated with a given rating
Above all else, a participant’s health should take priority and the decision to play will be left to the individual, participants who are asthmatic should ensure they have all medications with them prior to taking the field.


Sun Protection

Wallsend Touch encourages members and spectators to use the following guidelines to assist in the prevention of exposure to high levels of UV:
1. Encourage players and spectators to take advantage of natural shade from buildings and trees or bring their own portable shade where possible.
2. Ensure club coaches, managers and officials are sun smart role models and educate their players.
3.Provide or encouraging participants and officials to wear sun protective clothing when possible (such as hats).
4. Promote the use of 30+ sunscreen