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Don’t forfeit if you are short players on a Mon or Wed night.. bring in a casual player!

Casual Regos

Wallsend Touch Association offers a casual rego for teams who have the minimum 9 permanent players registered.

This assists with reducing forfeits and allows you to bring in other friends or family every now and then to help your team.

There are a few rules you need to follow, but the process is simple, easy to follow and all online.  Allowing you to seek players anytime of the day before your game.



1. Your team must have at least 9 permanent players registered prior to taking up this offer.

2. Casual players must wear team shirt as rules apply regarding same colour and playing number to be able to score.

3. Casual players can not play finals

4. A casual player can become a permanent player at anytime. They must register to the team and any casual rego fees paid will be deducted from the player rego  (please see night supervisor for this process)

5. Casual players must sign on the team sheet and write their receipt number from Stack Team App after paying the fee outlined below.

6. Any team found to have unregistered casual players will be deducted 3 points per game.


– First game of the season – $22 Insurance fee when registering to Casual Team

– All games there after are $15, capped at the total player rego for the comp (if you reach that limit, you can become a permanent player and register to your team. Refer to night supervisor for this process )


How to register as a casual player?


Prior to your first game of the season, you MUST register to the Casual Rego Team for that comp.   

You will be charged $22 (if you have not already paid this fee in the current financial year) that covers you for Sports Insurance.

Click on the link below and search for the Team Name ‘Wolves Casual Rego Team’

NOTE – You only need to do the above once per team per comp.


Sign On Sheet

When you arrive at Wallsend Touch Fields, head into the clubhouse and write your name on the sign on sheet ,  sign  and state you have paid a casual rego for the game. (The night supervisor will check each player)




If you play any additional games as a casual player in the same competition, you must pay $15 per game.

To do this, click on the link below and pay online payment 24/7 prior to taking the field

NOTE – Please make sure you do this each game and also continue to sign the team night sheet inside clubhouse

If you have any questions, please reach out to the night supervisor on the night or head to our Contact Us section

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